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Cholay Ki Chaat

on July 26, 2012


Cholay Ki Chaat

Tickle your taste buds !

The yummy tangy , saucy , and extremely healthy chaat! Will tease your taste buds and tickle with astonishing flavors.


Here you go, simple and beautiful



-Chick pea 250 gm

-Onion diced 2 small

-Tamarind juice 3tbsp

-Salt to taste

-Red chili powder 2 tbsp

-Roasted Cumin powder 1 tbsp

-Dry ginger powder 1 tbsp

-Oil 3 tbsp

-Gram flour 2 tbsp

-Green chilies 3-4


Boil chickpeas until soft. Heat oil and fry onion till transparent. Add boiled chickpeas along with all ingredients except gram flour and tamarind juice. Mix well and cook for a while.  Add gram flour and tamarind juice at the end and mix.

Garnish with green chilies and serve!

Health Fact:

Chickpeas are high in soluble fiber which may lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels



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