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Cibo’s Trifle

on July 18, 2012


Cibo's Trifle

Rich & Chocolaty

I love making trifles and dessert. I think desserts give me bliss to make and serve to my loved ones. I like to prepare desserts with variability and diversions of flavors and taste that everyone would love to have! Today i am sharing my favorite my creative recipe of trifle with chocolate and strawberry sauce with a layer of butter cake and loads of whipped cream… its fabulous! Try this for on any special occasion, a romantic one?



-Vanilla custard 2 cups

-Butter cake 1 pound

-Whipped double cream 2 cups

-Condensed Milk 1 cup

-Dark Chocolate 400 gm

-Sugar syrup


For Strawberry Sauce:

-Strawberry 1/2 kg

-Sugar 1 cup


Make strawberry sauce by cooking them with sugar on low heat until both are combined together very well and set aside to cool.

Now you just have to combine ingredients to form layers in a trifle tray. First apply butter cake layer, sprinkle some sugar syrup over it. Then spread melted chocolate, whipped cream and strawberry sauce one by one. Repeat if u want double layered. Sprinkle chocolate crushes on top! serve chilled with biscuits if you like.



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