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Potato Rice

on July 10, 2012

Potato Rice

Simple, nutritionist and delicious Potato Rice Meal


I always liked simple and tasty food and i enjoy cooking them as well. Potato is one of my favorite vegetable and i love experimenting with it. Though the recipe i am writing today is far simpler and is cooked on almost a daily basis. Its highly nutritious and yum to eat!


-Potatoes cubed 3 ( i kept it with skin as its a really good source of fiber )

-Rice 3 cups soaked for 15 mins

-Onions 2 thinly sliced

-Chopped ginger & garlic 1 tbsp

-Green chillies 5

-Red chilli powder 1 tbsp

-Black pepper powder 1 tbsp

-Turmeric powder 1 tsp

-Oil 1/2 cup

-Star aniseeds 3

-Cumin seeds

-Chicken stock 1 1/2 cups

-Salt to taste

-Mint leaves to garnish



Heat oil in pan and add star aniseed and cumin seeds, fry a little. Add onions and fry till golden brown. Add potatoes and all the spices and fry well. Add 1/2 stalk cover and cook on low heat until potatoes are tender. Add soaked rice and salt and the remaining stalk just to cover the rice. Do not over flow with stalk or your rice will become so soggy.

Cook on high flame until all the water dries up. Place the pot on a hot plate to give indirect heat while on dum. Spread green chillies on top and let it dum for about 10 mins.


Serve with yogurt if you like.


Health fact:

Potatoes have Vitamin-C and B-complex and minerals like potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc are good for the skin. Apart from that, pulp obtained from crushed raw potatoes, mixed with honey, can serve as excellent skin and face packs.


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