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on July 8, 2012

cibobook - For Food Lovers

This is the dessert ican’t say no to make or eat ! I like it extra rich with lots of creamy milk and khoya with lots of roasted nuts. You are going to add this to your favorites. I bet…


Bread slices 6-7 cut in diagonals. Preferrably stale bread.

-Milk 3 cups

-Sugar 1 cup

-Almonds, Pistachios, Cashews roasted and roughly chopped

-Khoya 400 gm

-Cream 3 tbsps

-Saffron few strands

-Silver foil (vark)

-Ghee for deep frying


Cut the sides of the bread, its optional if you like hard corners that turns crispy. Deep fry them in ghee till light golden brown.

Take a pan and cook milk with sugarand saffron until it reduces to half. It has to be thicker. Add cream when and mix. Pour onto the bread slices and leave it to soak. Sprinkle with roasted nuts and garnish with khoya and silver foil.

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