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Mash k Dahi Bare

on July 6, 2012


Delicious pleasure for anytime snacks and parties. Can be agreat dinner accompainment and can be served as refreshment to your guests. Very simple and taste is guaranteed all the time.


-Yogurt 1/2 kg

-Mash ki Daal (White Lentil) 1 cup soaked frr about 6-7 hours or overnight

-Salt 1/2 tsp

-Soda bicarbonate 1 tsp

-Sugar 4-5 tbsp

-Milk powder 2 tbsp

-Cornflour 1/2 tsp

-Chat masala to sprinkle

-Oil to deep fry


Beat yogurt well with sugar, milk powder and cornflour.Add little water to make it thin.  Grind the soaked lentil to a slight grainy texture and mix soda bicarb and salt. Deep fry till golden brown and immedietely add into the beaten yogurt. Sprinkle with chat masala and serve!

Health Fact:

Pulses are low fat, high fibre, no cholesterol, low glycemic index, high protein, high nutrient foods. They are excellent foods for people managing their diabetes, heart disease or coeliac disease. Pulses are also good for people who want to eat healthy food to help reduce their risk of heart disease or diabetes. Additionally, pulses can help people concerned with weight control.


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