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Shahi Mutton Pasanda ( curried steaks)

on June 27, 2012


Absolute delight to share this recipe. My family favorite and irresistably good. Do try and you will be adding a new favorite to your list.  


-1 kg steaked mutton meat, about 1/4 inch or less thick

-100 gms Sesame seeds

-Nutmeg, Mace, Cloves, Green cardemom – take in equal quantity of each and crush to powder, it should be 100gms altogether.

-100 gms Poppy seeds

-100 gms dessicated coconut

-9-10 Almonds

-9-10 Peanuts

-1 onion, thinly sliced and browned

-100 gms ginger garlic paste

-1/2 tsp turmeric powder

-250 gms yogurt

-1/2 bunch of fresh corriander leaves

– 4-5 mint leaves

-6 green chillies paste

– 1 tsp cruched black pepper

-Ghee 1 cup

-Salt to taste

-1 cup water


The meat should be like this:

On a hot plate (tawa), dry roast sesame, poppy, almond. peanuts and coconut a while. Wash the pasande (steaks) and marinate with all the spices. Leave for 1 1/2 hours in fridge.

In a pan, add the marinated mutton with water and allow it to cook on low heat until done. Pour ghee in the meat and cook on medium high flame till excess water dries up and its ready!

Health Tip:

High levels of cholesterol in your blood raise your risk for heart disease, and a benefit of goat meat is that it has less than 1 g cholesterol-raising saturated fat per 100 g serving.

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