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Ras Malai

on June 26, 2012

A mouth-watering dessert. It just melts in mouth with refreshingly pleasing sweetness that is abolutely a divine thing to have. The simplicity of this dish enhance its popularity among sub-continent desserts and it’s definitely a treat that can be served in your family occassions and dinner parties.

Ingredients for malai balls:

-1 cup full cream powedered milk

-1 egg

-1 tsp oil

-1 tsp baking powder

For Syrup:

-1 litre milk

-6 tbsps sugar

-1 green cardemom

-1 tbsp chopped pistachios

-1/2 Kewra essence or rose water



Mix togethere the ingredients into a dough and divide into small ovals/malai balls, slightly flattened the ovals. Boil the milk with sugar and cardemom seeds. When it starts to boil add the malai balls (ovals)  and let them swelll. Lower the heat and cook for 10 minutes. Just before removing from the heat , add Kewra essence / rose water. Garnish this tradional delicacy with chopped pistachios. Serve chilled.

This can also be flavored with saffron. Just add a few strings of saffron with the cardemom.


Health Fact: Contrary to popular belief, research has shown that people who consume milk and dairy foods are likely to be slimmer than those who do not.


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