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Arabic Hareesa

on June 20, 2012

Its Middle Eastern recipe of  mixed lentils with meat and spices. ITs distinctive taste is not only simple but irresistably delicious and healthy. Check out the original version, a palatable pleasure from my kitchen.


-Crushed Wheat  1/2 kg

-Meat boneless ( Lamb ) 1/2 kg

-Green Lentil 100gms

-Rice 100gms

-Ginger Garlic paste 3-4 tbsps

-Black pepper crushed to taste

-Salt to taste

-Green chillies to 7-8

-Oil/Ghee for baghar

-Onion 1 small sliced for baghar

Fresh corriander for garnish


-Make stalk by boiling the boneless meat with grains and ginger garlic paste, until they are very tender. Blend it with a large wooden spoon to a thick fibrous texture or until the meat and lentils well merged together. Add seasonings and and mix well.

-Give baghar of red pepper onions and green chillies.

-Garnish with fresh corriander and serve hot.




Health Fact: Eating lentils not onlt add a good potion of proteins to your diet, but also reduces the risk of cardiac arrest.


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