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Hyderabadi Shikampur Kabab

on June 19, 2012


This is a typical Herabadi dish, one can devour into its scrumptious aroma and taste. Its name’s etomology is: Shikam in Urdu mean “stomach’ Pur means ‘filled’ . Its filled with spicy yogurt mix. Here is the original version from my family.


-Minced mutton/beef meat 1 kg

-Ghee / Oil 1 cup

-Onions 250 gms fine chopped

-Yogurt 250 gms

-Lemons 2

-Poppy seeds 1 tbsp

-Dessicated coconut 1 tbsp

-Pistachios 1 tbsp

-Almonds 1 tbsp

-Roasted chickpeas 1 tbsp

-Green chillies 6

-Ginger & Garlic paste 2 tsps each.


-Wash the mince with a little salt.

-Heat ghee in  pan and fry onion till golden brown.

-Mix ginger and garlic paste into the mince and fry with onions till lightens in color.

-Roast the rest of the ingredients on hot plate.  And grind it with the mince.

-Mix crushed green chillies, lemon juice and yogurt to make a filling.



-Make patti of the grinded mince and put small amount of filling in the center of  each patti.

-Coat with egg and pan fry in ghee till golden brown.


3 responses to “Hyderabadi Shikampur Kabab

  1. Cara Olsen says:

    This sounds divine . . .

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