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Summer Special – Gujrati Curry

on June 18, 2012

This is a special curry recipe from Gujrat. It is rich in flavors and soothes your tastebuds, givng you a great choice of summer meals and its beat serve with plain khichdi and papadoms.

You will need:

– Curd 1 cup

-Mince meat 250 gms

-Onion 1 medium diced

-Ginger Garlic paste 1tbsp

-Gram Flour 3-4tbsp

-Green Chillies 6-8

-Garlic 3-4

-Salt to taste

– Fresh Corriander 1 bunch

-Turmeric powder 1tsp


For Baghar:

-Musturd seeds 1tsp

-Curry leaves 6-8

-Whole red pepper 3-4


– Heat oil in pan and add diced onions, ginger garlic paste and turmeric powder and  fry a little. Add mince and fry until white in color and tenders. I used fine mince.

-Add half thechopped green chillies to the mince.

-Blend curd, gram flour, green chillies. whole garlics, salt turmeric powder and fresh corriander together.

-Add this blended curry into the cooked mince and let it simmer for several minutes until you get the desired consistency.

-Give baghar and it’s done!

-Serve with khichi fried brinjals or potatoes as you like.



Tip of  the day:

When adding curd to any gravvy, mix in a tsp of oil and beat it before. It will prevent your curry to have a scattered look.


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