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Hyderabadi Special Khubani Ka Meetha! (Traditional Apricot Pudding)

on June 17, 2012

The family secret recipe with all its regal treats :

You will need these ingredients to indulge:

Dried Khubani (Apricots) 1kg
Sugar 250 gms ( depend upon the sweetness of apricots and your taste)
Almonds 1 cup chopped ( the seeds of apricots are the best choice)
Vanilla Custurd or fresh whipped cream 1 cup ( for layering)
Water for boiling and soaking.


-Soak the khubanis overnight.
-Allow them to cook on low flame until the water dries up. You will notice a glossy texture appearing.
-Add sugar to your desired level of sweetness. and let it cook until dissolves completely.
-It will now have a shiny delicious look. Mix half of chopped almonds.
-Spread a layer of the pudding first and then apply the custurd/cream layer. My choice is always the fresh cream without adding any extra sugar to it as it gives a very balanced taste, however you can always make it more sweeter to match your tastes! but either ways, its a marvell that we should not miss!!!


-Take small sized apricots for the dessert as they are more sweeter and tastier makes an ideal choice for this dessert.



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